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Without the hassle of wondering who or whom you are connecting with. I highly recommend this website to everyone who enjoys giving and receiving massages.

I have had some experiences of exchanging a massage with different partners in different cities. It's a wonderful way to connect and make contact with other people we don't know who, like us, appreciate massages and exchanging a good one. I highly recommend and hope to do some more exchanges in the future. Its given me an opportunity to meet other excellent masseurs and enthusiasts.

I've met some real nice people on the site and have exchange massaged with many of them. I've met a lot of good men of the same interests and also managed to learn new techniques.

It's always been enjoyable meeting other therapists who are interested in doing exchanges and making friends with many of them. As a member of Massage Exchange, I have given and enjoyed some very memorable massages. I've made a couple of good mates on the site and regularly exchanges with them.

I haven't always been active but when I have I've met some great people and exchanged many massages.

Like any site it takes an effort to make contact and the time to meet.

I've learned from several of the members and have established a few long time friendships.

I have met and exchanged massages with well over two dozen people I have met through Massage, both locally and as I traveled.

and this is the only one that I actually had luck with, met real people, enjoyed myself but felt fairly safe too.The site is helpful, respectful and protective of its members.While any site, one needs to be cautious about whom you meet, I have found primarily good, down to earth, genuine people here -- very few flakes to deal with.The site is very user-friendly, and the staff are extremely helpful and efficient.I get a weekly summary showing members who have viewed my profile, and I get a weekly email showing new members who live near me.

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No bad experiences and have met some really nice and interesting people. I have had no problems on the site and have found most users to be genuine lovers of massage as well.

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